We are Crane

CRANE is a data-driven marketing agency. This means that we plan our marketing and communication activities for our customers based on business expectations. We evaluate their success based on the business results achieved. We are good with numbers and speak the language of customers, enabling us to offer well targeted, convincing and measurable communication solutions to our partners.

Our solutions combine three areas of knowledge:

• Communication and marketing
• Data science
• IT development and operation


We extract information from data and, based on this, create effective campaigns using innovative marketing tools.

Data-driven Marketing

The data-driven approach brings change to marketing that is comparable to the appearance of GPS in navigation after traditional maps. Maps show the options, while GPS leads you straight to your destination.

Data visualization

Data visualization is the science and art of seeing the essentials. It is a graphic novel of data that tells the story with as few “chart graphs” as possible. It’s the story of a campaign, a buyer, or a brand. Optimized for human vision, presented clearly.

Content + social marketing

It is no longer a competitive advantage when a brand or its content is present in social media. Quality, personality and emotional connectivity are the most distinctive benefits in the increasingly fierce competition.


There are two things that really bother customers. If we know too much about them, and if we know too little. Good CRM helps to figure out how much and what we should know to keep customers satisfied.


Customer loyalty is about the customer, not about our brand. If we understand this, our brand will be important for our buyers.

Integrated communication

Today, integrated communication is a basic requirement. We use our knowledge of channels and tools, as well as an “omnichannel” approach to achieve this, keeping both the qualitativeness and the measurability of messages in mind.

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What makes us proud


We consider it important and we make an effort to build the profession’s reputation. We do everything in our power to make the achievements of the profession, the most up-to-date tools and solutions, and training opportunities for generations to come as well-known and as widely recognized as possible. That is why we have assumed an important role in the DIMSZ data-driven marketing alliance and are actively involved in its educational activities. This year’s primary focus will be on creating awareness for the new EU regulation to be introduced next May, and the coordination of the educational program for the Data-Driven Marketing Faculty.