The data-driven approach brings a change to marketing that is comparable to the appearance of GPS in transportation after traditional maps. Maps show the options, while GPS leads you straight to your destination. As communication engineers, our job is to help our customers find the shortest way to their goals.


We enable our customers to make data-driven decisions.

In our digitalized world, people and systems are producing more and more data. However, this usually does not mean data collection, only data accumulation. Mere data is not information, and it is especially not knowledge.

Data-driven marketing is about auditing existing data sources and interpreting them based on our knowledge of business goals, as well as planning their utilization. The communication and sales processes built on measurements are also measured and evaluated. As a result, decision-support information is obtained through reports and dashboards using data visualization.



Data visualization is the science and art of seeing the essentials, which helps data analysis and decision-making using clear overviews.
“Storytelling with data” shows correlations in a graphic novel of data that tells the story with as few “frames of charts” as possible.


CRM and the marketing automation tools built on it enable personalized communication on a mass scale.

When developing CRM systems, our goal is to exploit the potential for buying and re-buying within the customer database and among potential buyers in the most efficient way using database-based and CRM tools.

We offer special, customized service packages to our customers, including the CRM audit, the design, development and operation of a high-quality CRM system suitable for the given sector, as well as the related CRM strategy and communications services.


With our unique development tools, we make both design and operation more efficient and effective.

Multi-funnel concept

Multi-Funnel can be applied to any sales and utilization process – both horizontally and vertically. In essence, it does not look at the entire conversion process as a single “funnel”, but uses multiple parallel conversion funnels on four basic levels. On the first level, we compare the effectiveness of communication channels and aggregate them into a “common denominator”. On the second level, we look at the reception of interested parties and their routing towards sale and/or use. on the third level, sales channels are investigated and on the fourth level, follow-up and the analysis of after-sales activities takes place.

Content Matrix Emailer (CME)

CME is Crane Dynamics 365’s integrated, cloud-based e-mail marketing solution that provides one-to-one customer communication in bulk e-mail. The marketing communications tool delivers customized offers and relevant information to the right target groups and segments with the timing best suited to them. All of this is accomplished by using modern analytical tools capable of machine learning, which compile the appropriate target group segments and select the unique messages for them.