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What makes an Instagram star, and what is the reason behind sudden failure after a sudden success? Who keeps shining brighter and brighter, and who turns out to be a falling star?

Crane did the Hungarian Instagram Survey in 2015 and 2016, in which we surveyed Hungarian Instagram usage patterns, analyzed the most popular content, and gave answers to the most intriguing questions:

Who can become an Instagram star and why? For how long? And how much can one make?

The findings can be downloaded in the form of e-books, and we organize Instagram workshops for professionals. Learn more about the Hungarian Instagram community!

Who leads the Hungarian Instagram top lists?

We keep track of the biggest Instagram stars in many categories, and rank them according to their number of followers.

– June 2017 –

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Hungarian Instagram Survey

The 2015 and 2016 Hungarian Instagram Surveys reveal the habits of Hungarian Instagram users, and how they have changed over the past year. Is it really selfies that irritate most of us? Do city, landscape and nature photos still reign supreme? And do cats still have an advantage over dogs?

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How was it created?

The Hungarian Instagram Survey was launched and coordinated by Crane in May 2015, by approaching 3,076 Hungarian Instagram users online. The survey was repeated in 2016 with the participation of 3,400 users, and the Hungarian Instagram Survey 2016 was born. The research was conducted online through a questionnaire, and the results were made available in e-book format. We provide further analysis to professional partners on the results of the survey, and organize Instagram brand-building and content management workshops for interested companies.

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