Data-driven marketing in culture

The audience knows exactly, what aspects play a role in selecting a show. Are you familiar with these?

Our culture consumption patterns change in a perceptible manner and at a dizzying speed: we look for cultural programs online, we buy tickets with our mobile phones, and we can watch our favorite TV programs through live streams in social media, where we can immediately respond, and in fact we have the opportunity to publicly express our opinions, which we do. And this is just one of a number of new opportunities in recent years.

Consumers – who are also consumers of culture – are accustomed to receiving immediate and personalized offers in the online world, so this is what they are looking for in the field of culture as well. It is natural for them to give their data in return for far more detailed and more relevant offers, always on time. Cultural brands who recognize the new needs of their customers and respond appropriately to them, gain additional benefits as the resulting emotional attachment greatly influences program selection.

Culture.Crane offers customized, data-driven marketing solutions for cultural institutions who wish to make their visitors happy in every respect.

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